Rain Water Harvesting

Preserving the best gift of Nature

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is another way of preserving nature and care for environment used to restore the rain water for future use with effective management and conservation. The stored rainwater can be used for various in plant needs which is collected and pumped through separate pipe distribution. We follow the procedures which are worthy and can reduce the cost of treatment plants without compromising the water quality.

We are an eco-friendly industry and understand that water is precious and hence we set an enabling environ-ment for rain water harvesting (RWH). Rainwater harvesting essentially includes the accumulation of water from surfaces on which rain falls, and in this way storing this water for later utilization. This help us save on the costs and operating the business in a more responsible manner.

Rain water harvesting is important! The surface water we have is not sufficient to meet our requirements and we are reliant on the groundwater. Due to hurried urban expansion and development, dispersion of rainwater into the undersoil has reduced considerably and reviving of ground water has decreased. The nature of the rainwater obtained by rainwater harvesting is remarkably prevalent.

The organization attempts its level best to collect the rainwater droplets that fall are guided through appropriate pipeline with proper setup of rainwater harvesting system in our premises.

Objectives of Rainwater Harvesting
    »  To maintain the adequate level of ground water
    »  To enhance the surface water to meet the present and future demands
    »  To reuse the rainwater for sustainable development
    »  To make the atmosphere environment friendly

Apart from Rain Water Harvesting, we:
    »  Do water recycling and reuse
    »  Monitor our current water consumption
    »  Do routine checks for spills and leakages
    »  Minimize water use in cleaning
    »  Have installed water saving equipment
    »  Educate our employees for saving water