Paper Usage

Recycling Paper

Paper Usage

Paper is specially identified with trees as there is no counterfeit way or wellspring of making paper. It is noteworthy that paper originates from a non- renewable source of liveliness.

In addition, paper is a biodegradable nature friendly material. We have massive utilization of paper throughout in everyday life. As Paper waste is a big issue in business. If we can reduce it in the workplace, we can have a positive impact on the environment and save money.

Our beliefs and ideals @Nirmalindustries is to "Save Paper Save Environment” by many ways to reduce paper usage as even small actions can become a habit and help us to develop a more sustainable, planet-friendly lifestyle.

• Switched to digital forms wherever possible as reporting becomes easier when records are kept into a digital system
• Using electronic means to communicate by email, text messages and other platforms used to send information without harming the environment and are more likely to be remembered than a slip of paper.
• Track records to measure how many print copies staff are printing and personally responsible for each month. This knowledge will motivate them to reduce their personal paper footprint.
• Store files digitally by keeping all files organized and stored to access them when required and keep the file safe by taking backup data on daily basis.
• To print only if it is necessary and ensure printing on both sides of the paper which actually save upto 50% of paper costs which is a really easy way to reduce paper consumption by half.