Food Safety Management System

FSMS - Food Safety Management System

Swiss Certificate

A Food Safety Management System confirms organisations that follow certain procedures and guidelines to ensure their products for customer safety. ISO 22000 enables organizations to put in place a food safety management system that helps to improve overall performance when it comes to food safety. Our entire organization is aware and sensitized towards producing a safe food, storing and delivering safe food.

  • The ability to consistently provide food-related products and services that are safe and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Improved management of risks in food safety processes.
  • NIPL is established in water treatment RO system for adequate supply of Potable water as per IS 10500 standard.
  • Installed high gauss magnets on oil & oil cake transfer lines to prevent mixing iron particles in oil and oil cake.
  • Workers in Food operation areas working with their complete PPEs and maintaining hygiene.
  • Micro filters are installed before every final oil tank to stop small foreign particles.
  • Production & Packing areas having proper lighting.
  • Checking of bottle packing for removal of dust / pest or foreign particles at the time of filling.
  • Use air curtains and fly catchers in production area for restricting entry of pest.