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We offer cattle feed products, which are thoroughly hygienic, safe for cattle and manufactured from the finest quality raw materials which we are committed to our attitude towards quality and customer service.

We adopt progressive processing practices and sustaining quality is our top priority as per industry standards. After the mustard seeds are pressed to extract oil, a by-product is formed which is seeds pressed flakes that have a very little amount of oil content (around 7-10%) in them which are made from these flakes by the process of distillation.

This can be used in solvent extraction plants for further extraction and also as fertilizers and cattle feed. The mustard seed filtrate is cold pressed with no external chemicals or additives such obtained is in accordance with nature. This makes it a suitable food (directly as it is) for cattle which consequently helps a higher productivity and fat content in milk yield. Supplemented with protein content, mustard oil cake has a good balance of essential amino acids and relatively high methionine content.

With the help of our skilled professionals, we are capable to process a range of mustard oil cake, which is renowned for its superior quality and weather resistance property. Light weight, quality assurance, longer and robust life are some other important properties of our mustard oil cake.

Product Description

Our Mustard Oil Cake brand packaging:

Ronak (AGMARK approved)
Fresh gunny bags 60 kgs
PP Bags 50 kgs

Gunny bags 60 kgs
PP Bags 50 Kgs

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