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Rain Water Harvesting

For Nirmal Industries, Rain Water Harvesting is another way of preserving nature and care for environment. Rain Water Harvesting is used to restore the rain water for future use with effective management and conservation. The stored rainwater can be used for various in-plant needs. Rain Water is collected and pumped through separate pipe distribution. We follow the procedures which are worthy and can reduce the cost of treatment plants without compromising the water quality .

Objectives of Rainwater Harvesting:

  • To maintain the adequate level of ground water
  • To enhance the surface water to meet the present and future demands
  • To reuse the rain water for sustainable development.
  • To make the atmosphere environment-friendly.

Plantation of Trees

Nirmal Industries, India's most integrated edible company has been relentlessly working towards environment conservation and is committed to the sustainable growth and protection through its various initiatives. Continuing with this commitment, Nirmal Industries organises tree plantation drives in the region of Alwar in Rajasthan, in which Nirmal Industries employees, their families and the local community participate in the tree plantation drive.

As part of the tree plantation drive, a total of 5000 saplings were planted in the region in hundreds of people participated in the initiative. The plantation drive not only contributed to the well-being of the environment but also sensitized people about the importance of tree plantation and environmental conservation. Nirmal Industries have set a target of planting One Lacs saplings by 2020.